Strategic Objectives & Goals

Strategic Objectives Goals
-Strengthening the Faculty's human resources.

-Continuous development of infrastructure.

-The fulfillment of quality requirements and accreditation standards.
Supporting the competitive status of the Faculty of Business Administration Horus University-Egypt
-Development of continuous institutional evaluation systems for educational effectiveness, institutional capacity and quality management.

-To develop educational programs, courses, teaching and learning methods and to create an environment that stimulates creativity and excellence.
Faculty of Business Administration - Horus University as one of the distinguished scientific institutions
-To develop research plans.

-To develop policies to support and motivate scientific research.

-To link scientific research to society and development issues.

-To promote interdisciplinary research among all majors.
Promoting the Faculty's Scientific Research System
-To use the faculty's bargaining power to deal with businessmen and business incubators to support creativity and to change creative ideas into projects.

-To Lead by example by taking care of voluntary work, encouraging charity and visits to monuments that benefit the community, and encourage loyalty and belonging to the Faculty and the Homeland.

-To enhance student training programs that support entrepreneurial thinking.

-To encourage graduate entrepreneurs and youth to come to the faculty to provide guidance and continuous learning opportunities

-To support the development of human capital in the banking sector and assisting in the establishment of a link between young job seekers and the banking sector to promote diversity in the workplace within the banking sector.

-To pay attention to safety and health standards and their application in the Faculty in order to preserve the health of all students and employees in the faculty.

-To follow the market needs and know the beneficiaries' views on the quality of graduates and their responsiveness to market needs.

-Social responsibility.
Directing the faculty's efforts and initiatives to support entrepreneurship for the local community
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