Economics Department's Head Message, Vision, & Mission

Dr. AlMoatasm Bellah Elbahrawy

Head of the Economics Department

The Department of Economics at the Faculty of Business Administration aims to develop economic thought, research and education. It also aims to push the boundaries of economic knowledge through theoretical and applied research and sharing it with the academic community, policy makers, and society in general. 

The department also seeks to enable students to become economic thinkers capable of applying economic models to economic problems related to practical reality through courses that combine the theoretical foundation with practical, analytical and quantitative skills relevant to career paths in the fields of business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Department Vision

Establishing a distinguished position among its counterparts in other business administration schools in Egypt by raising the educational level of its students and making progress in the field of scientific research.

Department Mission

Providing a highly qualified graduate with the required knowledge and skills, in addition to introducing major developments in the field through specialized scientific research with the aim of serving the community in various fields.

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