Accounting Department's Head Message, Vision, & Mission

Prof. Ahmed Kamal Motawea

Head of the Accounting Department

The Accounting Department was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Business, Horus University. The department includes a group of faculty members with distinguished qualifications and competencies. The department works on developing academic and vocational programs, taking into account achieving integration between the courses of the programs, in a way that ensures meeting the needs of the labor market. The department seeks to present distinguished graduates in the accounting field, who are committed to the ethics of the accounting and auditing profession, and are able to compete and adapt to changes in the business environment, the most important of which is keeping pace with the age of digitalization in light of Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Department Vision

The department aspires to be a pioneer in the field of accounting and auditing sciences at the local and regional levels, and to have a global reach through scientific links with distinguished universities abroad.

Department Mission

Providing a set of distinguished and advanced scientific programs that mix scientific theories and the practical application of contemporary accounting thought in order to link the academic aspect with the requirements of the Egyptian and global environment, providing students with the accounting knowledge and skills necessary to deal with the challenges of the local and global business environment, especially the continuous change in accounting and auditing standards

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